Josh’s parents came for a visit a couple of days after Christmas, and stayed until the day after New Years. Unfortunately, Josh was away on a business trip for 10 days. They joked that it didn’t matter whether Josh was here or not, they were coming to see the baby. Ha, can’t say as I blame them!

Josh and a partner run a small business as duck hunting guides. They lease rice fields in Arkansas, and hunt clients through out the season, which runs November through the end of January. His partner had handled most of the clients during the first half of duck season, until after John Luke was born. He has three kids under the age of 8, so now that John Luke is almost 6 weeks, it was time for Josh to give his partner a break and go hunt some clients.

Josh’s parents, (a.k.a.) Tahatee and Popee, were having John Luke withdrawals, and I think Josh was relieved they were coming since he would be gone for so long. John Luke is still waking up about every two hours. During their visit, they would come downstairs around 7 am and take over for me; and let me go back to bed. I was usually awake feeding the baby, or would still be in the recliner holding him after a long, sleepless night.

We had a great New Year’s Eve at home, just me, John Luke, and the in-laws. Popee had gone shopping and found us some New Year’s party gear half-off. We had 2013 glasses, hats, and blow horns. We partied like rockstars in our pajamas (sort of), while we watched the ball drop, and said a toast. At 12:00 midnight, I kissed my little man, and wished him his first Happy New Year.

On New’s Years Day, Tahtee and Popee watched the Rose Parade while they let me sleep in. Sadly, all good things come to an end. They had to leave the next morning to head back to Alabama, so I tried to get as much sleep in as I could, before baby boot camp started. Josh wouldn’t be home for another four days.

Like Josh says, “If it cries feed it, if it still cries, wipe it.” However, one thing I’ve learned, there are times when you just can’t figure out what a baby wants; and sometimes, they just want to be held. So we did a lot of holding and we did a lot of bonding. Mostly in the recliner. But, OH MY, was I happy to see Josh walk through that door. I was glad to see Josh, but even more glad to see a shower and a toothbrush.




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