I am so excited about starting a new year. Not just because I have a new baby; because he reminds me I need to simplify my life. I simply have too much STUFF.

Merriaim-Webster’s dictionary defines sim-pli-fy: to make simple or simpler; as to A: to reduce to basic essentials B: to diminish in scope or complexity: Streamline- to simplify management procedures, to make more intelligible.

Synonyms: to purify or refine. Antonym: to complicate, perplex.

Before John Luke, one of the ways I coped with being childless was to shop. I didn’t have to spend a lot of money; I just liked to shop. Some of my favorite places to plunder were thrift stores and consignment shops. I think it was the “thrill of the hunt”; to find value in something you like, that you got for a deal. But, is it a deal if you don’t wear it enough, or can’t find it when you need it? I think I have overcomplicated things.

I like my purse to match my shoes, my shoes to match my earrings, and my earrings to match my bracelet. I love my accessories! I have a summer closet, and a winter closet. I have two bins to hold extra shoes, a bin just for jean jackets, and two jacket closets..need I go on. I even sell the clothes that I don’t wear anymore; or that are out of season. Let me just say, I love my clothes.

Nonetheless, my wardrobe is evolving as my life evolves. I now find myself content donning a Columbia fleece and sweatpants. Do I really need all this STUFF anymore? The more STUFF we have, the more stress it adds to our daily life. It gets harder and harder to manage it all. I have slowly started to downsize, and prioritize what is important.

One of the definitions of sim-pli-fy is to reduce to basic essentials. Some of my greatest joys are the simple things, i.e., to to give John Luke a bath, swaddling him up to hold, singing to him while rocking to list a few. The less I complicate my life, the more time I have spending it with him. The rest is just STUFF.


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