Josh has been gone for another week on business, taking clients on guided duck hunts in Arkansas. This is the last week of duck season. If anyone follows the show, Duck Dynasty, I’m “happy, happy, happy”! I love my alone time with my little dude, but it is nice to have another person around to help out. I miss my chief bottle washer. Josh says if I have to pump, he can at least help keep the bottles washed. He’s a keeper.

Josh’s alarm clock goes off around 5:30 AM; so if John Luke wakes up anytime after 4:30 AM, Josh will give him a bottle. That gives me a couple hours of sleep, since I’ve usually been up with John Luke every two to three hours during the night. I don’t usually “sleep when he sleeps”, so it helps carry me through the rest of the day. Besides, it gives Josh a little daddy time before he goes to work.

We kept busy while daddy was gone. We had a snow storm in our area, so John Luke saw his first snow. Knowing the weather was going to get bad, I went to the store and stocked up on food for a couple of days, ready to “hunker down” until it passed. I made bean soup and cornbread and we hibernated. (And snuggled).

After the storm cleared, it was good to get out. We had a kid birthday party to go to on Saturday, so TJMaxx was calling my name. I was eager to get dressed (in something besides pajamas) and put on some make up, and go to town. A lady friend from the church offered to keep John Luke while I went shopping. It was the first time I’ve let anyone babysit him. It was fun to look around like old times, even if it was just to TJMaxx, and even if it was for just an hour.

Josh will be home tomorrow, and me and John Luke will be “happy, happy, happy”.




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