I guess every generation asks the question “Remember when”?

“Remember when” you were in 1st grade and you could walk to your friends house?

“Remember when” you could ride the school bus without fear of getting kidnapped, or seeing your bus driver shot?

“Remember when” you could go to school without fear of a demented person committing mass murder?

“Remember when”?

Every generation asks this question when looking back at their childhood. Sadly, we are living in very different times than any generation has known before. We are living in very dark times. I believe this is partly because people do not attend church anymore. This morning in church the pastor stated that research shows only 1 in 5 families attend church these days.

This statistic is startling to me. I believe the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. Not to mention, religious doctrine teaches us about morality. It teaches us right from wrong. It teaches us accountability; not just to God, but to each other. It teaches forgiveness.

I’m not saying I’m a perfect Christian (FAR FROM IT). Jesus died on the cross so you and I can be redeemed. We can be forgiven, and we can forgive others. Many people in this world have allowed their hearts to darken. In a world darkened by sin, there will always be fear. Maybe that’s why fear is mentioned 326 times in the bible, almost once for every day of the year.

Now that I have a child, I do sometimes fear what his world will be like as he grows up. What will his “Remember When’s” be like? Fear of wondering what could happen to him, or what kind of world might he grow up in; has the power to steal my joy if I allow it.

I must choose faith over fear.

1 John 5: 4-5
To those who believe, their faith can be the victory to overcome the world!


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