This week has been a week of spending time with family. My mom came Monday to see the baby, and stayed until Thursday. I could not wait for her to see how much John Luke had grown. He is starting to smile, coo, and recognize faces. All you have to do is look at him, and he will give you the most heart warming grin.

Josh and I left on Friday, for a weekend getaway to Pigeon Forge, to visit his family. Josh’s parents, his brother and wife, and four kids came from Alabama to go skiing, and invited us along. I was excited to see how much the kids have grown. Emma will be 9 years old this week, Anna is 7, Spencer 4, and Zachary 2. It was a special weekend for Josh and me. It was the first time John Luke got to meet his cousins on his side of the family.

John Luke’s cousin Spencer, has given him a new nick name, “John Luker.” On Martin Luther King Day, Spencer told his parents that he had learned about his cousin at day care, “John Luker.” In a 4 year old’s mind, Martin Luther had sounded like John Luke, so he thought they were talking about his new baby cousin. I can just hear him telling his teacher, “That’s my cousin.” Like the saying goes, kids say the darndest things. We’ve had a good laugh about it.

Infertility can be stressful on the whole family dynamics. I have to be honest, having a brother and sister-n-law that could sneeze and get pregnant, has been painful at times. It was not their fault that we couldn’t get pregnant. It was not our fault that it was painful every time they announced a new pregnancy. It just was.

Our infertility, and their ease at which they could get pregnant, has caused some growing pains; or should I say, OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH, for Josh and me. We were happy for them, but sad for us. Distance and time was often the best buffer. John Luke has filled the whole in our hearts caused by infertility.

In the end, family is the tie that binds. You always go back to where you belong.



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