Spring is a time of renewal. The grass turns from drab brown to lush green. The leaves on the trees transform from barren to plentiful. The animals go from hibernating to frolicking. Spring awakens the soul from a long winter’s nap.

I start thinking about Spring-cleaning, working-out, planting flower beds, and so on. I also think about how springtime renews my mind. Just as we have to clean-out old files from our inbox, we have to clean-out the clutter from our hearts and minds as well. Spring reminds me to do just that. To enjoy the beauty and warmth that surrounds me.

Last week, I posted about being “Good Enough.” I think this is something we all struggle with, some more than others. For me it is situational, like when I get caught up in comparisons, or feeling like, I have not done a task to the best of my ability. I start over analyzing the situation, and start thinking about what I would do differently.

There’s that word again, THINK. Spring reminds me to stop thinking, and start doing. To spring forward. Isn’t it fitting that when we re-set our clocks during the time change, we use the term Fall backwards and Spring forward.

While I was going through my infertility, my sister-n-law sent me an encouraging note saying, “There is a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to harvest.” Now that my precious son is born, I’m in a new season of life.

Going forward should be a time to plant, and a time to harvest. A time to reap, and a time to sow. A time for me to plant seeds: So others can learn from where I have been…

New opportunities will arise. I simply need to spring forward with hope and joy of what lies ahead. Not what has past.

Now is a time to heal….., a time to build up….., a time to laugh….., a time to dance….., and a time to embrace.


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