For those of you that have followed my previous blogs, you might know that I am ADHD, a slight perfectionist, with a little twist of OCD. I want to share some postings/or texts, I recently had with two friends.

This is a story from a childhood friend named Mary, who recently wrote the following:

“Sometimes I feel like my days turn into a story from the author of ‘You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ books. If you give Mary a vacuum cleaner she’ll vacuum, then a string will get wrapped around the vacuum. Then, she’ll bend down to untangle it, and notice how filthy the area rug is. Then, Mary will start to spot clean the rug. She gets so disgusted by how nasty the rug is, Mary decides to pull the whole rug up. She then decides she never really liked how her furniture was arranged, so she starts moving all her furniture around. One hour later everything is back where it started, minus the area rug. I blame my mom for these tendencies.:)”

So, dot dot dot… I am not alone.

Tamara decides to make cheese grits for a breakfast the following morning. Then, after baking a chicken and cooking dressing for dinner; Tamara decides to cook the grits in the microwave to save time. After realizing the grits have puffed-up, and no longer fit in the pan, Tamara decides to put them in a bigger pan- on the stove. Then, as the grits puff-up even more; and are not thoroughly cooked; the grits no longer fit in that pan either. Tamara decides to put them in yet another pan. Three pots, and a very messy countertop later, Tamara finally finishes the grits. Funny thing is: John Luke had just woke up and was ready for a bottle about the time we needed to leave to arrive on time. So we didn’t go. Now, I have a pot load of grits and a very messy kitchen to clean.

My other friend Kelly who has twins a few months older than John Luke, sends me a text saying:

“I’m exhausted. Downstairs basement: I’ve vacuumed, swept laundry room, washed and dried 5 loads laundry. Upstairs: cleaned oven, pans, dishes, bottles, countertops, refrigerator, swept twice, changed kiddos sheet where pee’d, changed bedroom sheet, fed kids 4xs, changed a dozen diapers, and pumped. Trying to gets things as they were pre-pregnancy.”

To that I replied. “Perfectionism is overrated. Trust me, I know.”


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