We had a wonderful weekend starting off with Josh’s parents (Tahtee and Popee) coming up for a visit on Friday night. They drove up from Alabama with friends in a 1930’s Ford Model-A as part of a 10 day drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

John Luke has changed quite a bit since Easter when they were here for the Baptism. He is babbling and cooing more, and attempting to crawl. They were excited to see his progress.

Josh’s parents and friends left early Saturday morning for the rest of their trip. That afternoon John Luke and I headed off to a Mother’s Day Tea. It was a sweet affair where little girls wear their Sunday dresses and everyone wears hats. It was quite fitting since Saturday was Kentucky Derby day. The only thing missing was a Mint Julep!

I asked one of John Luke’s God mom’s (GaGa) to come with us since she doesn’t have any children. I remember before I became pregnant, I always felt left out when hearing about these type of events. I wanted to include her for this day and for her to be able to spend time with John Luke.

She remarked how special it was for her to be invited, and that it was the first Mother’s Day event in a long time that she didn’t feel a little down. She also mentioned that she and her husband (the God Dad or PapPap) had always said that if a child was meant to come into their life, it would it would happen when the time was right. GaGa declared, “This must be the time.”

John Luke has brought so much healing to mine and Josh’s life, we just want to share that joy.

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt



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