Josh, me, and my mom took John Luke home to Alabama for an extended weekend to visit family. On Saturday my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ronnie hosted a cookout for everyone to meet the newest member of the family. My mom is one of eight children and I have twenty-three first cousins, so we are a rather large bunch.

We had an awesome time together. Everyone was so happy for us to finally have a child of our own. Being in a family of fertile myrtle cousins (except for one that is not married), I was the only cousin that didn’t have any children. They were thrilled our blessing had arrived, and to see us so happy.

We received many gifts, but the inscription in a card from my mom says it all:

“To John Luke Foster:

You were -prayed for -hoped for- and longed for-
And when you arrived you didn’t disappoint anyone.

When you smile you light up the room
And you love your groceries like your grandma Babo.

John Luke, you have the most loving and nurturing mother any boy could hope for. One day you will read your mother’s blogs and it will bring tears to your eyes.

Your father has so many things he will want to teach you: Duck hunting, playing the guitar, fixing a car, building blinds and tree stands. He will make you tow the line, but all with love.

Love you,


The following day, I spent my first night away from John Luke on a girls night out with my two best friends from high school. We have stayed in touch and try to see each other every couple of years to re-connect. We spent the day at the pool with John Luke. Then, Josh took him to my family’s house, so that my friends and I could head to the hotel spa for some much needed pampering. We got pedicures, then I fell asleep for almost two hours in the “quiet” room. Feeling rested, we went back to the room to get ready, and go out for a seafood dinner that evening.

The last day of our trip, me, Josh and John Luke, went to spend the night with my dad and step-mom. It was the first time John Luke had met his Granddad and Granny. They took us out to dinner for more seafood (you can never get enough Gulf Coast shrimp) and John Luke had some laughs and giggles with his Granddad.

It was a wonderful trip home. We tried to see as many people as possible in a short time so everybody could meet John Luke. He won’t remember this weekend, but it is one in which I will never forget.





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