John Luke had his 6 month well-baby visit and vaccinations this week. He is 18.4 oz, 27 inches long, and is in the 75th percentile of growth rate. By all accounts, he’s going to be a big boy. Let’s just say…I think he will be able to “hold his own” on the playground. He’s outgrown many of his 6 month clothes and already fits into most of his 9 month clothes.

We started introducing him to solid foods. Recently, he’s begun to lose interest in the bottle or breast, except at naptime/bedtime. The books say to feed formula or breastmilk first, as it provides more calories. Then offer solids second, or as a between meal snack. At times, he refuses the bottle. It’s as if he’s saying, “Hey, is this all I ever get? How about some of those sweet potatoes that were on the menu yesterday?” So, I will give in, and feed him solids first, then top him off with a bottle. I have tried the way the experts say, however, time after time, he’ll refuse the bottle. Then it derails his feeding schedule.

The one constant in our day is that he’s ready to eat every four hours. The only downside is, it’s even during the night. We put rice cereal in his bottle before bedtime, or use pre-mixed formula with added rice starch. He still wakes up about every four hours for a feeding. The books recommend 2 solid feedings per day at 6 months. We started doing one feeding of vegetables for lunch, and the second feeding of solids (oatmeal) around 8:00 PM, to see if it helps him sleep through the night. We will see how that goes.

His pediatrician said to feed one type of vegetable at a time, for three days straight, to rule out any food allergies. Then, after we have tried all the veggies, we can move onto “no sugar added” fruits. He also said to start him on a sippy cup of water with solids to keep him hydrated. So far sweet potatoes seem to be his favorite. He was not a big fan of the peas, but seemed to like the green beans. Maybe he likes the sweet taters because they were from “mama’s” kitchen. They were peeled, cooked, then pureed in the blender. The other’s were store bought.

It is amazing how much difference four months makes at this age. I saw a 2 month old newborn at a party Saturday. It seems like yesterday John Luke was that small. Everyday is a day of discovery for me and for him.

John Luke

john luke2


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