I was on the road again this weekend.  I went to my mom’s house to see my step-sister Dari and her husband Rob.  They were home from Birmingham, and I wanted them to meet John Luke.  Six months is such a fun age.  She couldn’t wait to get her hands on him!

Josh had to take some online continuing education courses to renew his Nurse Anesthetists license.  He also had to work on Sunday, his first Father’s Day, blah!  I wanted to get away for the weekend, so Josh could concentrate on his studies without distractions.

Dari and Rob nicknamed John Luke “Mr. Smiley”.  They commented they’d never seen such a happy baby.  We are incredibly blessed John Luke has such a good temperament.  Although, as Josh would say, I don’t give him a reason to fuss about anything.  Just being pro-active is what I say!  That’s why his other nickname is “The Boss”.

Dari and Rob married two years ago.  They just finished building their first house, and are hoping to start a family of their own in the next year.  They had fun playing with John Luke, although, I couldn’t talk them into taking the night shift.  I tried to convince them it would be good practice. 🙂

I had a very restless night.  A pack-n-play is one thing I’ll never again leave home without!  At least until John Luke is older.  To avoid having to load and unload the pack-n-play, I thought he could co-sleep with me.

I decided we’d sleep on the fold out couch rather than sleeping in the guest bedroom.  The bed sits lower.  He wouldn’t have as far to fall if he rolled off the bed (even with the many pillows surrounding him).  Also, the bed was wider.  There was more room in case I turned over.

I had been lying there with one eye opened practically every move he made unable to sleep.  I was nervous about the mattress, nervous he might roll off, everything nervous.  The sheet was not fitted.  I noticed every time he or I moved, the sheet kept getting loose and moving partially over his face.  So, off with the sheet!  Luckily, I was able to remove the sheet (like a Houdini) without waking him up.

But then!  I noticed he kept moving his head from side to side.  Upon closer inspection, it looked like his face was sinking into the mattress just slightly.  I looked even closer.  He had a nostril free, his mouth was uncovered, and I could hear him breathing-but, it seemed as if his breathing was getting heavier.  I couldn’t tell if he was just getting hot, lying directly on the sheet less mattress, or was having trouble breathing.  I kept feeling his back for palpitations.

I would roll him on his back, only for him to roll back on his stomach.  John Luke folded his arms under his face.  Then put his head down, back up, and back down again almost in frustration.  That was enough for me.  Deciding I couldn’t sleep like a Cyclops:  And! I wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing he could breathe comfortably, I scooped him up, and we went to guest bedroom.

The mattress, although smaller and higher off the ground, was firmer.  I put him on his back, and within minutes, he had rolled onto his stomach, with his face to the side, flat against the mattress.  His face did not sink in, as it had in the other bed.  Deciding this mattress was as firm as his crib mattress, I placed pillows around him and we both slept like a baby.  Until 6:30 am.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  We said goodbye to Dari and Rob and then headed home to meet Josh at a local Mexican restaurant for a Father’s Day dinner after he got off work.



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