Last week started with John Luke going to a photo shoot for a local ministry called the ‘Diaper Ministry’.  Their mission is to provide diapers for children in need, and resources for the parents who can’t afford them.  Sort of like a diaper bank.  They held a photo contest for the next face of the ministry.  The ad read “Diaper Call!  Calling all diapers!! The Diaper Ministry is looking for their next face…maybe bottom.”

For your child to be eligible, you were to bring a bag of diapers and/or donation.  A local photographer was to snap a few photos, then give you free digital downloads that you could have printed.  If your child was chosen, you signed a release for your child’s photo to be used on all print ads and/or digital media the company uses for marketing purposes.  The age range included newborns to a year old.

John Luke was a cute little shutterbug. However, he didn’t win the photo contest.  He’s still the cutest baby in my eyes (ever was and ever will be)!  But, let me tell you- there was some stiff competition.  And!  I only saw the two babies being photographed ahead of us; and the baby that went directly after John Luke.  I have not received the digital downloads yet; but I can’t wait to see them.  If I get copyright permission, I will post the pics here.

The week ended with John Luke going to the pediatrician.  He’s been pulling at his ears constantly, and has been unusually fussy.  He’s typically a very happy baby; unless over tired, or over hungry (aren’t we all)!  He started shaking his head from side to side.  I couldn’t tell if his teething pain was starting to increase, or if he was developing an inner ear problem.  He’s also been waking up around 5 AM fussy; his usual wake up/feeding time is 6:30 AM.

His pediatrician said his ears were clear.  Pulling on them was a secondary aspect of the teething.  That the muscles of the jaw are connected to the ear.  The pain teething causes in the jaw can transfer to the ear canal.  Babies will pull on their ears to try to eliminate the pain.  We have been giving John Luke children’s Tylenol; but Dr. Adams recommended Advil.  He said it lasted 6-8 hours, whereas, the Tylenol last up to four hrs.  He is sleeping again until 6:30 AM.

We wanted to rule out an inner ear infection, before taking John Luke to the pool.  With a clean bill of health, and a new life jacket, he went swimming this weekend for the first time.

He may not have one the diaper contest; but he’d have my vote on the cutest baby in a life vest ANYDAY!!




  1. Oh children pull their ears when they have pain and it is usually due to the infection.
    Otitis media is what it is called and usually you can see fluid stuck in the ear. But yours had no fluid or anything.. not sure what that is.

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