We headed to Alabama this week for a family reunion for a meet John Luke party.  Yes, he is almost 8 months old and we are still celebrating his birth.  I guess when you’ve waited and hoped for a baby for six years every day still feels like a miracle.

We’ve been home several times since John Luke was born; but we usually head south for a whirlwind trip for the weekend which doesn’t allow time to see everyone.  We had planned a barbecue at Josh’s parents for the aunts, uncles and cousins to meet the newest member of the family.  However, on Thursday Josh’s 92 year old Great Aunt (Aunt Carol) passed away.

Funeral arrangements had to be made.  It was a bittersweet homecoming; but a blessing in disguise that we were able to be home.  Josh’s mom needed help with everything that needed to be done.  Aunt Carol never married and never had children.  Josh’s mom was her caretaker. 

Aunt Carol was a career woman with a fascinating life.   She moved to Washington DC in 1958, and worked for Senator Lister Hill for ten years.  After Senator Hill’s retirement in 1968, she continued to work for the sub-committee on Health, Education and Welfare, until her retirement in 1979.

She was a staunch democrat in a family with traditionally conservative views.  We had numerous heartfelt debates on politics, politicians, and social issues.  I loved talking politics with her, although our views were worlds apart.  She referred to me as a “good little Republican.” 

The funeral was held on Saturday then we all gathered at the house afterwards for barbecue to celebrate her life and to welcome John Luke.  We decided it would be a “Celebration of Life” party to say goodbye to our oldest family member and to welcome our newest.

We will miss you Aunt Carol.  You will forever live in our hearts.

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