John Luke had his 9 month well-baby visit this week.  He’s 21.2 lbs, 29 inches long and is in the 75th percentile of weight and 85th percentile of height.  He’s gonna be a monster!  The doctor said he could eat anything we eat with the exception of honey, until after the first year.  He also recommended I get a food grinder.  I recently bought a small food processor, but I’ve still been giving him baby food.  I’m still getting used to the idea that he can eat grown up food.  My baby is growing up so fast!!  It doesn’t register to feed him what we’re eating.  The doctor said he could now have things like scrambled eggs, peanut butter (to watch for allergies), and puffs.

He also asked if we’d baby proofed the house with safety locks for household cleaning cabinets, etc.  I told him we had as of last week.  He also mentioned something I never would’ve thought about.  To have a fire escape plan.  For example, if we’re upstairs, what would be our plan of evacuation from different points in the house if a fire ensued.

We have more work to do baby proofing the house.  Just the other day, Josh and I were watching him play in the den.  He wandered over to a small chest the size of a plant stand.  He started pulling on one of the drawers.  We watched to make sure he didn’t pull the drawer out and bonk himself in the head.  Well, instead of the drawer coming out, the whole chest fell over.  Luckily, it’s made of pine and very light weight.  He didn’t hurt himself, but my heart plunged to my stomach.  I yelped as I threw my sandwich and jumped up.  He cried about 30 seconds then was easily distracted again.  I think it scared him more than anything, it sure scared me.  The table has since been moved and I’m re-evaluating what other items could be pulled over.

The doctor also asked if John Luke was sleeping any better.  I told him he was still waking up about every four hours.  The doctor replied he should be sleeping through the night.  I should let him cry.  That it would take about three days of letting him “cry it out”, and he’d be sleeping through the night.  Josh is all for this, but I’m not there.  All I can think is, that he is crying for his mama and she never comes.  Especially now that he is saying ‘ma ma’ a little bit.  I keep thinking since he’s eating more solids and is more active, he’ll sleep longer through the night.  I may start stretching his daytime feedings out to every 5 hours to try and condition him to wait longer between night feedings.  Right now after about 4.5 hours he starts coming unglued if he doesn’t see food in his future:)

It’s all a learning curve.  Everyday I’m learning and experiencing all I thought motherhood would be.  Some days I would do things much differently.  Other days, I wouldn’t change a darn thing, as long as he’s happy and healthy.  And that he is!

The following pictures are from a ‘Diaper Ministries’ photo shoot I previously posted about.  He didn’t win, can you belive it?  I’m a little partial.  Wink wink.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4




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