This week we took John Luke to the fair to pet the animals and to ride some kiddie rides.  However, he only got to ride the carousel.  We thought there might be a few rides we could ride with him like the train or the small airplanes.  Unfortunately, he’ll have to wait until next year.  The requirements on most were 34” tall to max 54” and kids have to be walking.

I’ve always loved the fair.  Josh, not so much.  I love the rides, the funnel cakes, petting the animals, and the best- people watching.  You never know what you’re gonna see at the fair!  Josh says the fair always brings out the rift raft.  We even had two young adults stop and ask us, “How do you spell Georgia?”  As one person was texting it into the phone, the other was asking, “Did you get that?”

I love, love riding the rides!  All of them, any of them, the faster the better.  Again, Josh not so much.  So lucky for me, I got to use the extra tickets we’d bought for John Luke.  Josh stayed with the stroller and let me ride!   On the ‘Tilt a Whirl’, I’d asked to sit next to a girl who was sitting by herself.  I didn’t want to take up a whole seat if she was by herself too.  She literally picked her nose in front of me as we were talking.  As I said, you never know what you’re gonna see at the fair.

My favorite ride of all time is the Himalayan.  I feel like a teenager every time I get on it.  I hear the 80’s music playing and feel the wind blowing through my hair.  Takes me back!  John Luke- I hope someday you will have songs that you’ll cherish for all time.  That no matter where you are, you will want to stop and feel the beat, and enjoy life.

Even though John Luke only got to ride the carousel (we rode twice and the second time about put him to sleep) we had fun.  The fair always makes me feel like fall is around the corner.  I love reminiscing of days past riding the same rides after all these years.

I do want to add a side note to all you out there with “Empty Arms”.  Events like this used to make me so sad.  Seeing all the people their with their children; their families complete and wondering if mine ever would be too.  I thought of you.  I hurt for you.  Although, I felt so good and happy, it was bittersweet remembering all the years I felt that emptiness.  It wasn’t so long ago, I was in the same place you might be in right now.

In the “Ride of Life”, I don’t know if the path to completing your family will be the same as mine, but I wish you well along your journey.  In my heart of hearts, I wish you well.

I hope one day your family will be complete too.

IMG_0485 IMG_0489 photo1 photo2


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