Let me tell you about John Luke: My light, laughter and sunshine.

*He smiles with his whole face and can light up a room.  His smile can also be very mischevious which allows him to get away with far more than it should.

*He’s all boy and is going to be destructive.  If he can push it, pull it, haul it, spill it, or break it, he’s content.  The faster and louder the better.  He especially likes things that go varoommm.  I found this out when a Harley motorcycle flew past us while walking.  I thought he was going to jump out of my arms.

*He is strong-willed and very determined.  When he makes his mind up to do something he means business.  You can see the determination all over his face until he achieves his objective.

*He likes mechanical things and likes to figure things out.  He’s very smart and will mimic you.  If you say, “Show me your muscles, grrr” a few times, he will grit his face and say “grrr” with you.  He will put his arms together like we do (the body builder pose) and copy us.

*You can put up barricades, but he will find away to go around them if you’re not careful.

*He notices small things.  We put up covers for the fireplace edges.  It wasn’t an hour before he noticed them.  And figured out how to pull them off.

*Changing diapers is like fighting a mini Sumo wrestler.  He rolls, flips, twist and sometimes tries to climb off his changing table.  After every diaper change, I declare victory, and feel like I just wrestled down a wild boar.

*He likes to stick out his tongue, and thinks it’s funny to blow food out at the same time.

*After you kiss him, he will clack his tongue.  He thinks he is making the same sound as a kiss, and is kissing you back.

*He’s a very expressive boy.  He squeals when he’s excited, and babbles when he’s tired.

*He’s a very affectionate child.  He strokes your hand when you’re giving him his bottle, or he likes to hold your fingers, and prefers to be held over any toy.

*He is a “people person” and will go to anybody.  But when he’s sleepy he wants his Mama.  I will enjoy these moments while it last, because it will not be that way forever.


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