Sunday night John Luke woke up around 3:30 AM fussy and hot.  I didn’t take his temperature because it was warm in his room.  I turned the air down and rocked him back to sleep.  When he woke up the next morning he was burning hot to the touch.  I took his temperature and is was 103.5!  He’d been in the nursery at church the previous morning.  We figured he’d picked up a virus, or worse- strep- from one of the other kids.  One kiddo just got over strep, and as always, there are a few bugs going around among the tots.


I called his pediatrician and the earliest they could see us was at 3:20 PM.  They said to give him children’s Motrin and to make sure he drank plenty of fluids.  I took his temperature later thinking it would have gone down from the Motrin.  It was 104!  He was only mildly fussy considering the high temperature.


At his appointment, Dr. Snyder swabbed him for strep, and said his throat and ear was red.  She mentioned it could also be viral.  Since he was possibly exposed to strep, she prescribed him antibiotics to be on the safe side.


Last night he woke several times during the night and was miserably fussy.  His fever had gone down, but he couldn’t get comfortable and let you know he wasn’t feeling good.  It reminded me of the sleepless nights ahead after the twins arrive.  It’s hard to see your child sick like that.  You just wish you could be sick instead of them.


On the bright side, I got a call from the NEDC and was told I to come off the meds.  The IVF nurse said to have labs drawn in a week to check my levels.  And!  As of today, I am officially through the first trimester.  Yippee!!





Josh and I had our 10 week ultrasound and lab work at NEDC.  We were relieved to know both babies are growing strong and healthy!  Baby A’s heartbeat was 178 and Baby B’s heartbeat was 186.  Both babies are measuring on track with Baby B being a little bigger.


Baby A was bouncing and awake.  We could see it’s tiny arms and legs moving already, and it’s little body was bopping up and down.  We decided it was the bouncing boy.  Since Baby B was sleeping, we decided it was probably a girl.  Too soon to tell of course, but it’s always fun to guess.


I had blood drawn to see if my Progesterone and Estradiol were at levels where I could start tapering off the medicine.  The IVF nurse called the next day to inform me to taper both meds, and get a blood draw at my local doctor in a week.  Hopefully- my levels will be good enough to come completely off the meds.


I have had an allergic reaction to the Progesterone and have been breaking out in hives since about week 6 of starting the PIO.  We changed the oil from Cottonseed to Oleate to alleviate breakouts, thinking it was the oil base, not the progesterone.  We have seen no change.  I take Benadryl everyday to keep the rashes under control.  I prefer not to take more than necessary while pregnant, but was informed coming off the Progesterone could result in a miscarriage.  Since the benefit outweighs the risk, I take Benadryl right after my injections.


We are glad to be almost through the first trimester!  So happy to be coming off the meds soon, and to know both babies are growing healthy.  Double exclamation mark!!  Pardon the pun…




He loves to talk on the phone.  When the phone rings, he runs up to the phone and points.  He loves to hang up the phone in the holder.  Anything that resembles a phone, he will hold up to his ear and babble.  Most the time, it’s “hi dada.”  He has used my makeup compact, a plastic banana, and the baby monitor for his play phone.  We bought him a “cellular phony”, but he prefers to use random objects.

He loves to stroke stuffed animals when going to sleep.  He also loves to stroke your hands and arms while you are rocking him.  Oddly, he likes to feel the bony parts of your hands.  He will move the skin back and forth over your knuckles and wrists as he is rubbing you.

He loves to smile and wave at strangers.  He demands attention until they notice him saying “hi” -repeatedly- until they acknowledge his efforts.  He has a way of getting what he wants.  Even the sternest of “old kodgers” usually break into a smile after trying to ignore him.

He loves to put toys in his dump truck and transport them around while chasing our dog Maggie.  They both run around in circles and he thinks it’s hilarious.  She acts annoyed by it, but it’s part of the game.  She can out run him if she wanted to and go hide in her crate.  I think she just likes the attention.

He loves to act like he’s driving our car or truck.  Sometimes we will put him on our lap and let him play with the steering wheel.  He turns the windshield wipers on, opens and closes the garage door, turns the blinker on and off, and cranks up the radio.  I think he really thinks he’s driving.

He loves to play in the nursery at church.  When I’m the nursery volunteer, he gets jealous when I hold another child.  He tries to climb in my lap with them.  When I tell him “No, they are sad because their mommy can’t be there right now”, he will stand there for a while to get reassurance.  When another toddler is crying, he will take them a toy to help cheer them up.

I think he will be a little jealous when the babies first come, but he’s going to make an awesome big brother!!