He loves to talk on the phone.  When the phone rings, he runs up to the phone and points.  He loves to hang up the phone in the holder.  Anything that resembles a phone, he will hold up to his ear and babble.  Most the time, it’s “hi dada.”  He has used my makeup compact, a plastic banana, and the baby monitor for his play phone.  We bought him a “cellular phony”, but he prefers to use random objects.

He loves to stroke stuffed animals when going to sleep.  He also loves to stroke your hands and arms while you are rocking him.  Oddly, he likes to feel the bony parts of your hands.  He will move the skin back and forth over your knuckles and wrists as he is rubbing you.

He loves to smile and wave at strangers.  He demands attention until they notice him saying “hi” -repeatedly- until they acknowledge his efforts.  He has a way of getting what he wants.  Even the sternest of “old kodgers” usually break into a smile after trying to ignore him.

He loves to put toys in his dump truck and transport them around while chasing our dog Maggie.  They both run around in circles and he thinks it’s hilarious.  She acts annoyed by it, but it’s part of the game.  She can out run him if she wanted to and go hide in her crate.  I think she just likes the attention.

He loves to act like he’s driving our car or truck.  Sometimes we will put him on our lap and let him play with the steering wheel.  He turns the windshield wipers on, opens and closes the garage door, turns the blinker on and off, and cranks up the radio.  I think he really thinks he’s driving.

He loves to play in the nursery at church.  When I’m the nursery volunteer, he gets jealous when I hold another child.  He tries to climb in my lap with them.  When I tell him “No, they are sad because their mommy can’t be there right now”, he will stand there for a while to get reassurance.  When another toddler is crying, he will take them a toy to help cheer them up.

I think he will be a little jealous when the babies first come, but he’s going to make an awesome big brother!!






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