Josh and I had our 10 week ultrasound and lab work at NEDC.  We were relieved to know both babies are growing strong and healthy!  Baby A’s heartbeat was 178 and Baby B’s heartbeat was 186.  Both babies are measuring on track with Baby B being a little bigger.


Baby A was bouncing and awake.  We could see it’s tiny arms and legs moving already, and it’s little body was bopping up and down.  We decided it was the bouncing boy.  Since Baby B was sleeping, we decided it was probably a girl.  Too soon to tell of course, but it’s always fun to guess.


I had blood drawn to see if my Progesterone and Estradiol were at levels where I could start tapering off the medicine.  The IVF nurse called the next day to inform me to taper both meds, and get a blood draw at my local doctor in a week.  Hopefully- my levels will be good enough to come completely off the meds.


I have had an allergic reaction to the Progesterone and have been breaking out in hives since about week 6 of starting the PIO.  We changed the oil from Cottonseed to Oleate to alleviate breakouts, thinking it was the oil base, not the progesterone.  We have seen no change.  I take Benadryl everyday to keep the rashes under control.  I prefer not to take more than necessary while pregnant, but was informed coming off the Progesterone could result in a miscarriage.  Since the benefit outweighs the risk, I take Benadryl right after my injections.


We are glad to be almost through the first trimester!  So happy to be coming off the meds soon, and to know both babies are growing healthy.  Double exclamation mark!!  Pardon the pun…



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