John Luke and I spent a week at Chestnut Bay Resort on Lake Weiss in Alabama with Josh’s family.  Josh was only able to come for the weekend due to work.  On Monday I did my follow-up blood work at Lab Corp in Gadsden, Al.  While in Gadsden, we all went sight seeing to Noccalula Falls.  We toured the park and rode the train.  They had a petting zoo where kids could pet the animals such as rabbits, llamas, goats, and deer.


 Tuesday we rented a pontoon boat and hung out by the lake kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming.  The lake had a beachfront with lawn chairs and a shallow section for the kids.  John Luke wasn’t as much into swimming as he was playing in the sand.  The lake had a 120 foot water slide the older kids loved.


 On Wednesday my mother and sister-n-law had a girl’s day out for lunch and Antique shopping.  We found this little cafe called Tewana’s which has been featured in Southern Living.  After a couple of bites, we found out why.  It was a great day and we enjoyed the kid free shopping.  Spoke with the NEDC and my blood work came back good.  I am officially released to my Ob/gyn. Yippee!


 Thursday we all loaded up and went to Little River Canyon and Lookout Mountain on a road trip.  We had lunch in a quant little town called Mentone and did some more shopping.


 Friday, John Luke, Pop and I stayed back at the cabin while the rest of the crew went zip-lining in Little River Canyon.  That afternoon we did some more kayaking and paddle boarding.  I’m a little hooked on paddle boarding and told Josh I want a paddle board for my birthday in September.


 We were blessed with beautiful weather.  It started sprinkling Saturday, the day we were leaving.  It was a jammed pack week, but always good to get to spend time together with family.  Here are some pictures from our vacation.

photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo (4) photo (5) photo (6) photo (7) photo (8)



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