Friday, I met with the nurse practitioner at my local ob/gyn for a consultation and 15 week ultrasound.  During the u/s both babies were very active.  Baby A’s heartbeat was 147 and measured in the 47th percentile of growth.  Baby B’s heartbeat was 152 and measured in the 68th percentile.

The ultrasound technician asked if I wanted to know the sex if she could tell.  Knowing I should probably wait for Josh to find out- I couldn’t help myself– and said YES!  She said one appeared be a boy and one a girl.  Josh is worried about me getting too overjoyed about one being a girl, at least until we’re further along.

Next, I had a consultation with the nurse practitioner.  She said my lab results looked good, and both babies were measuring on target.  She also said there is about an 8% variation in growth rates; not to read too much into the difference in percentages between the two fetuses.

We discussed, since I had gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy, for me to treat this pregnancy as if I had diabetes again; and skip the glucose fasting.  There is a higher risk of diabetes with twins.  We decided I might as well be proactive about it.  I did very well during my pregnancy with John Luke, and controlled it with diet.  She gave me a meal plan and recommended foods for managing gestational diabetes (along with charts to keep track of what I’m eating).  She also wrote me a prescription for the test strips.

We scheduled my Anatomy Scan for September 8th, with the genetics counselor, at the University of Tennessee.  It’ll be exciting to see if both babies are healthy- And!  To confirm the sexes!  It’s hard to believe by this appointment, I’ll be at least halfway through my pregnancy, at 19 weeks.

Here is an ultrasound pic of my two peas in a pod!

Scan 2

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