— I am in two small Bible study groups. We meet on a regular basis. At each meeting, we state our prayer requests, and then we pray for one another. My prayer request for the last several weeks has been healing for Sienna’s neck. A week passed after our last meeting. No real progress. In fact, I thought we were slipping backwards. And then, the next week came. Seemingly out of nowhere, her neck started to improve. She started holding her head up straight. She started showing incredible range of motion. In fact, Tygh and I would look at each other in disbelief. It’s like she just “got better” on her own. What we believe, in reality, is that God answered our prayers and healed our baby girl.

— Part of the concern with her neck was delayed physical development. And yet, this last weekend, our baby girl, at barely 5 months of age, has started “sitting” on her own for about 20 seconds at a time (“average” age is 6 months). She’s also started rolling… and rolling… and rolling… all over the room. It is her way of getting from one place to another. We feel so blessed.


— He’s doing great going #1 in the toilet. #2 is a different story. But, he tries. Oh, the boy tries. This last weekend, he wanted me to leave him to his business to try #2. So I went to the kitchen. About a minute later, I hear him screaming. I run to the bathroom. The boy has f.a.l.l.e.n into the toilet. I just see his feet sticking up in the air. Ha ha ha! I tried so hard to muffle my laugh. Then, I thought to myself, do I have time to go run and get my camera? No, I thought. That would probably not be the “good Mommy” thing to do. So, I helped him up, and encouraged him to use his toilet seat next time.

— Brae: “Mommy, where did the moon go?”
Me: “It’s hiding behind the clouds.”
Brae: (Long pause)…. “Mommy, is the moon going to count to 10 and then come and find me?”

— I am a University of Oregon Duck fan. Tygh is an Oregon State University Beaver fan. This last weekend, as we (I) was rooting the Ducks to victory over Stanford (while, ahem, the Beavers choked…. again….), I shouted to Brae, “Brae! Say GOOOO Ducks!” He looked at me cross-eyed. “NO! Mommy! GOOOO Beavers!” …. Clearly Tygh is having more of an influence than I am.

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1) He is now into identifying the shapes of his bowel movements. Last night’s was a triangle.

2) He likes to take a.l.l. of the books off his bookshelves (at least 100) and stay up into the wee hours of the night neatly putting them one next to the other on the floor, all around his room. When I walked in this morning to find his floor covered with neatly separated books, I asked him what he was doing. He declared proudly, “I made a choo-choo train! All the people are in the choo-choo train! All aboard!”

3) Along the same lines, the boy takes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g to bed with him. We’re talking books, balls, puzzles, shoes, socks, underwear, everything. He barely has a place on the bed to lay his head.

4) He believes in monsters. I’m not sure where he picked that up, but he believes in monsters. After successfully convincing him that Daddy had put all the monsters in the garage, and buying 3 nightlights, he is back to sleeping through the night. Granted, it’s broad as day in there, but at least he’s sleeping.

5) He’s inherited his Mommy’s penchant for cleanliness. The other day, I walked in his room to find him washing his walls.

6) He believes anything that is broken can be fixed by adding batteries. Yesterday, he was having trouble putting the tupperware lid back on the cookie dish (the lid is bent). He declared, “Mommy! I need some batteries. The lid is broken.”

And on Halloween, my precious boy turns 3 years old. What oh what will come out of his mouth this next year?