Brae: “Mommy, is Satan a bad boy or a bad girl?”
Me: “Ummm… (long pause) … Satan is a bad boy.”
Brae: “Does that mean no one wants to go to Satan’s house to play?”


Brae: “Mommy, do not go into my room and see what I did.”
Me: “Okay.”
Brae: “But if you did go into my room, do not look in the closet.”
Me: “Okayyy …”
Brae: “But if you did look in the closet, do not look in the back of the closet.”
Me: “Okayyy …”
Brae: “But if you did look in the back of the closet, do not look in the box.”
Me: “Okayyy …”
Brae: “But if you did look in the box, you’d see that I took all of Sienna’s clothes and hid them in there.”

Sienna was taking a shower the other day (yes, the girl likes to take showers). Brae stripped off his clothes and hopped right in with her. I was getting ready for work and had my back to them, looking in the mirror, when I heard Brae say, “Now, Sienna . . . don’t move!”

I turned around to see him dumping an entire gallon of shampoo on her head.

It took me an hour to get her clean.



Sienna at 1 year:

— Weight: 23.9 pounds. 90th percentile
— Height: 32 inches. Off the chart.

And the top ten things I can tell about your personality at this point:

1) You are a cuddler.
2) You are fearless.
3) You are (let’s face it) kind of a diva, and Mommy lets you be.
4) You adore your brother.
5) You need to be where the action is.
6) You are not very “girlie” (at least not yet, and despite Mommy’s efforts to dress you only in pink and with huge gaudy headbands)
7) You love your sleep.
8) You get shy when you meet new people, and burrow your head into Mommy’s neck.
9) You are a talker. You can say “Mommy, Daddy, Brae, Uh-oh, and Dog,” and a whole host of indecipherable other words I haven’t figured out yet.
10) You love to dance

Honey Bear, with your life, you have made a dream come true for Mommy and Daddy. With you, we got to experience pregnancy and having a daughter. You are irreplaceable. We love you more than words can say. You are our baby girl. We love you unconditionally (and always will). Nothing can ever separate you from our love. May you come to know your Creator and live the abundant life that is waiting for you.


Mommy, Daddy, and Brother Brae



1. A spider crawled across the floor. “Ewww,” I said, crinkling my nose. Brae looked up at me with an “oh, puleeezze” look and said, “Mom, when you get older, maybe you won’t be scared of spiders. Like maybe when you’re 3.”

2. Brae and I were standing at his chalkboard, writing our letters. All of a sudden, and for no apparent reason he put down the chalk and licked the chalkboard. He paused. “Hmmm,” he said, eyes wide. “That’s good.” (????)

3. Brae: “Mom, when is my birthday?
Me: “It’s on Halloween. That’s far away.”
Brae: “Too far to drive?”

4. We’ve been teaching Brae about “stranger danger.” The other day, we practiced. I was the stranger.
Me: “Brae. Pretend I’m a stranger. What’s your name?”
Brae: “NO!”
Me: “Where do you live?”
Brae: “NO!”
Me: “What’s your phone number?”
Brae: “NO!”
Me: “Do you want to come into my car and get some candy?”
Brae: “Ummmm….”