Josh and I registered John Luke in a daycare center (more of a learning center) for when the twins arrive.  I have mixed emotions, but feel it is best for him and for me.  I won’t be able to give him the attention he’s used to getting.  He loves being around other kids and doing different activities.  I think once he adjusts, he will love it.

There’s a 6 month waiting list (in his age group) to the center we applied.  I’m hoping an opening will become available before then.  It would be ideal to get him adjusted prior to the twins arrival; that way, he’s not going through so many changes at once.

There are several factors involved in choosing this daycare.  It’s closest to the hospital for Josh’s commute to work.  We are all going to be a little sleep deprived for the first several months.  I don’t want to add any more time than necessary to his morning commute.  He will have to get up at 5:15AM to have him fed, dressed, and ready to drop  off before being at work at 7AM.

There are many aspects about the center I like.  It’s a large facility- they group the kids by age.  The center does various learning activities for their specific age group.  Because the kids are of the same age, they are mostly on the same schedule.  They go outside twice a day, and do various reading and learning projects throughout the day.  Meals are provided by the center, and they eat “family style” which creates a family like atmosphere.

Josh and I talked with them about my concern that John Luke is in a slapping phase.  The director didn’t seem daunted by it, and had the approach that all kids go through this phase.  She said they help the kids resolve their emotions, and when possible let the kids “work it out”.  She said they have a “Cozy Corner” instead of time-out.  If someone needs time alone to settle down, they can just go play in the Cozy Corner.

I’m happy with our decision- I’m just not sure if I’m ready for John Luke to go to dayscare- I mean– daycare!  His needs are changing, however.  Soon, I will be covered up in poopy diapers, keeping the twins on a schedule, breastfeeding/pumping; and just trying to keep dinner on the table, and clean clothes for everybody to wear.

There was a time when I dreamed of this.  Now it’s all happening.  I used to sit at lunch with my girlfriends, and hear of how they were “covered up” with their kids activities.  The pain would just sting without kids in my life.  I had a perfectly clean house, but an empty heart.  My house will now be “perfectly” messy, but my heart will be overflowing.




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